The Facts About Chewing Gum: Facts and Mythbusting

November 04, 2019

Chewing Gum Throughout History
Chewing gum has been around for thousands of years and many ancient civilizations and was made with all natural ingredients. The modern equivalent of gum is a sugary substance that is known to be not so beneficial to the longevity of your smile. The invention of sugar-free gum has revolutionary in terms of dental care and now some dentists even recommend it.

When gum was first created it was used to assist oral health by cleaning the teeth and mouth. Its all natural ingredients and antiseptic qualities helped keep people’s mouths, teeth, and breath fresh and clean.

Gum in the Twenty-First Century
Gum has been a popular trend for a long time and is sold almost everywhere and is known for its breath freshening effects as well as high sugar content. Within the last few decades a popular trend of sugar-free gum has emerged and, although many were initially skeptical, there is evidence to prove that sugar-free gum has beneficial properties for one’s oral health. Some of the benefits of sugar free gum include:
- Neutralizing acids in your mouth after a meal
- Helping remineralize your teeth and freshens breath too.
- Xylitol, which helps to prevent tooth decay and keeps plaque from sticking to teeth
- Increased saliva production 
- Freshens breath effectively

Sugar free gum is now known to be a healthy choice after a meal and you can enjoy it and all of its benefits. Gum is now widely recognized for its benefits to your oral health, as long is its sugar free! Any uncertainty around gum can always be cleared up with a conversation with our dentist at Diamond Dental!
Here is a sample of some chewing gum that is hundreds of years old.
How appetizing! Aren't you glad you didn't find this under a table?

Check out a list of ADA approved sugar free gum you can try!

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