How to Conquer Your Anxiety at the Dentist!

September 03, 2019

A friendly hello from all our staff here at Diamond Dental!

Knowing Your Anxiety When it Comes to the Dentist
Its not uncommon for individuals to be uncomfortable when going to the dentist and many experience anxiety before or during a visit. Up to 20% of people avoid going to go to the dentist, which in the long run can keep you in the dentist’s chair even longer. Whether you're in the office for a crown, orthodontics, or teeth whitening its our job at the dental clinic to keep you feeling comfortable and free of fear! While we do everything we can to accommodate our patient’s anxiety, there are a few steps you could take to make your next trip to the dentist more enjoyable!


Deep breathing is one way of gaining control over one’s anxiety. Taking 4 seconds each to inhale, hold you breath, and exhale can be a method of self-comfort. Finding a gentle rhythm to deeply inhale and exhale along with can calm the nerves and lower a racing heart rate.


Distractions can be helpful in reducing anxiety while in the dentist’s chair. Bringing enjoyable music or a friend to keep your mind off your environment. If you are still anxious about visiting, you can request laughing gas for your appointment. This is commonly used for kids and anyone who experiences high levels of anxiety while at the dentist.

Why We Might Be So Scared? 

For those who fear visits to the dentist, there’s likely some reason for it. There’s the obvious stressors: the bright lights, the clinical environment, letting relative strangers poke around in your mouth for an hour. Many dental procedures involve a certain amount of discomfort or even pain, and while your patients may understand logically that you’re doing these things for their own long-term health and happiness, it can be hard to look past the emotional discomfort involved in the short-term. Visiting the dentist should be a happy and enjoyable experience and we work tirelessly to provide that for all who enter our practice.

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